2017 My Three Words (Revised)

I just gonna come out and change My Three Words. This isn’t a bad omen. I just realized early on that I need a revision. There is an important word that I need to focus on this year.

So to add a new word, I’m going to combine Meditate and Gratitude. My quiet times will focus on gratitude such that I will be mindful of thankfulness in all my subsequent actions. This humbleness is how I want to live in 2017.

Now the word that I have added this year…


I have my product designs over 90% ready to go. Now (one of my words of 2107!) is the time to license them or manufacture them. This year is the Transition from designing to marketing.

But the word Transition goes even deeper. One issue/task that I’ve talked about previously is the loss of time during Transitions from task to task or state to state. How do you reduce the time spent in Transition? How do you wake up and get to working on stuff that matters in the shortest time possible? How do you go from Creating to Maintaining and back to Creating without losing focus? Am I spending to much time Transitioning?

Transitions need to be swift, yet effective. You want to maintain as much momentum as possible. So in everything I do, I want to remember the word Transition and make sure I’m not spending too much time in the gray or the in-between. Further more, you don’t want to spend time unnecessarily transitioning. Create for 4 hours and then Maintain for 2 hours is almost always better than Creating for 15 minutes and then Maintaining for 30 minutes and jumping back to Creating and so on.

So there you have it. Now is the time to Transition with Focus. (See what I did there? There is probably a better tagline for summing up my three words…)

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