It was quiet here on the blog last week because my family and I spent some time in Austin, Texas this Thanksgiving. We flew back in yesterday. My cousin and his wife moved to Austin a couple of years ago and we had yet to see their new location. Plus, they welcomed their first child about 6 months ago so that was really great to see them.

Austin was cool. Bek and I ran the five mile turkey trot Thursday morning. She beat me. Again. We ate tons of great food, too. It really was a good time despite cloudy weather and half of the family, including myself, getting some sort of cold near the end of the trip. Could be allergies which I really have never dealt with, but it seems more than that.

We are headed into the homestretch and, for me, December is going to be all about the hustle. I have to make some traction before the end of the year which means I have to dedicate even more time to my current projects. Basically, my provisional patent has to be completed. That is the top goal.

But with that said, I have a few other projects that I’m chipping away at. A few other irons in the fire, if you will. The Dispenser is the main project and most of my hours are being devoted it to it. But because of that project’s complexity it is going to take quite a bit of time before a return on it is seen. Hence small projects to fill in some gaps.

December starts tomorrow, but I’m amping it up today. Gonna be some late nights and early mornings. Weekends too. This is my sprint. Nov 30th to Dec 22nd.

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