Fab Friday 27

Happy Veterans Day! Our family is truly grateful for all those who have served. Thanks!

It was Bryn and me this morning on the hunt for a donut. We ended up at Krispy Kreme with a strawberry glazed with sprinkles and classic glazed. I didn’t get to taste the strawberry one. As you can see from the picture above, Bryn was not letting me get close to it at all.

The Going Ons

I was able to get in a little work this afternoon. I redesigned a gear because it kept slipping on the motor shaft. At first, I feared the motor torque was inadequate, but I reexamined it and the gear was just slipping. The motor will be plenty strong. I just need to print better gears.

Earlier this week, the focus was on the electronics. I have tested all the systems (motor, airpump, water valve, heater, motion detector) separately with great results. So time was spent consolidating breadboard components and cleaning up the code. Eventually I’ll need to cram it all into the dispenser housing, just working out a few more kinks before printing the large pieces.


  • Redesign gear and reprint. Then strengthen it by using an ABS cloud and coating it in a resin.


Ran across this article about being weird via my twitter feed. A good Friday read.


New Future of Forestry album Awakened to the Sound. Looking forward to it. Will probably influence me to listen to the Travel EPs which I loved.

My Spotify Release Radar said I should check Wakey Wakey Covers. Thanks Spotify! These are excellent.



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