Fab Friday 28

Gosh, that logo turned out big. Need some “Music for Creating”? See the Spotify playlist I created below!

The first half of the morning was spent with my dad overseeing some trees coming down. Weather is better than the first half of the week which should bode well for progress, but not for the trees.

The Going Ons:

The complexity of the Dispenser project has increased quite a bit since the initial design. But that was due to feedback and market research. It’s all doable, it is just taking more time to put it all into one, clean package. Currently there are 10 sub circuits to the design:

  1. Pressure Sensor
  2. Heat Sensor
  3. Water Motion Sensor
  4. Dispenser Motion Sensor
  5. Water Valve
  6. Dispensing Motor
  7. Air Pump Motor
  8. Heater
  9. Bottle Installed Switch
  10. Power Supply

I’ve tested each component of the Dispenser system with a degree of success. There is optimization to be had, but that’s not the goal right now. I just want to get to the point where they are all assembled together logically and efficiently. Then my provisional patent can be filed. And to think that original design that I had this summer was just going to be a mechanical version. Over the course of 3 months, I’ve incorporated enough electronics to automate the device.

And to keep myself from going crazy with a sole focus on the Dispenser, I am working on a board game as well as writing down a few other ideas I have for products. These ideas are much, much simpler than the Dispenser. Spending an hour or two here and there so that they will be ready to launch when the time is right.


  • Continue with assembling the 3D components and optimizing design.
  • Write down more descriptions of systems for provisional patent


Enjoyed this video quite a bit. Yet, it is still incredible hard to separate myself from social media. I rarely participate, but I spend time reading feeds which is quite a waste of time. How do you stop?

Quit Social Media


I have spent some time putting together my “Music for Creating” playlist over on Spotify. It’s instrumentals of all types of genres. Make sure you put it on shuffle. I went a little wild on the piano and string tribute bands near the end. I might pare that back a little bit. This will be a work in progress.

I tried to embed it but doesn’t seem to work. So here is the link in case it doesn’t work for you.

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