Fab Friday 31

This will be the last Fab Friday of 2016 as I’m not gonna write anything new to the blog until 2017. I focusing on a few different efforts so that when the new year hits, I’m prepared to make an impact.

The Going Ons

I had a meeting with a local plastic extruder this week and got some great feedback regarding one of my projects. There is no real concerns with the profile and they can potentially meet the packaging needs as well. I’m still waiting on some more information on that end. All signs are look good. I don’t think I’ve talk about this project yet, but I’ve only been putting time into it over the past few weeks. And it has gained a lot of steam as my confidence in the project grows. Basically, it’s a light duty, wall mounted utility track. You mounted it to the wall and then you customize it with different hooks/clips/attachments/etc.

The reason project has jumped to the top of my list is that it is squarely in my wheelhouse of designing and manufacturing. It’s nothing new to me. And I believe I can launch by the end of January. That’s the biggest perk. Low up front cost, quick to market, and fully expandable. I’ve begun discussions with a friend and we are looking at teaming up on it.

There is still a lot to work out, but within a few weeks I will have something to show. I can’t wait.


We didn’t get much sleep last night. Our daughter was not feeling well at all. It carried over into the morning so we watched some cartoons before I put her down for her nap. I’m hoping to steal away a few more hours today and if I do, here is what I want to do:

  • Layout website for new product
  • Render images of design for said website
  • Fine tune business plan
  • Brainstorm naming ideas


Check this out for some motivation


You should probably be listening to some Christmas music so here are a few recommendations:



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