Fab Friday 33

Transition. The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Extruding and injection molding quotes are rolling in and the launch plan is starting to take shape. Above is a picture of the “grippers” being printed for final prototypes. The design of the “sheet holding accessory track” is coming to the apex. But how do you know when you reach that point? I feel like I could tinker with the design for another few months. When do you stop the design process and transition to manufacturing? Software is easy in that sense because you can always make tweaks after the release with minimal side effects. With hardware, it’s tough to make changes. Or at least it’s costly. The minimum amount of PVC track that you can manufacture at one time is 2500 ft. Then there is the one time cost of tooling. And the four week leadtime. What if there is a design flaw? What if the angle needs to be 70deg instead 65deg? One more prototype. One more test piece.

Those are the thoughts in my head as I finish up this week. There will always be something I want to change or tweak. But it is time to let that go. Next week we are going to select our manufacture and finally make some product. I can’t wait.

The Going Ons:

  • The track design is done and provisional patent is a day or two away from being wrapped up. I’ve spent a lot of time working on the provisional patent such that I can roll it into a utility patent midway through this year (assuming the product has success). Plus, there was a lot of research to make sure we weren’t infringing on any previous patents. Once this is done, I will be very excited to share the project in it’s entirety.


  • Printing and lots of it. We are looking to get 36″-48″ of track in both black and white with the accessories (shelf, hook, end caps, etc) ready for functionality display. It just takes time. To print (4) 8″ track segments, it took 7 hours. The “gripper” for the track takes another 2 hours.
  • Business planning. Kits? Bulk components? Aluminum or PVC? Price points? Stagger product launches? With the project being bootstrapped, we will need to parlay early product profits into the next accessory that needs to be released.


Earlier this week, I was listening to Cal Newport on the Entreleadership podcast. He made some really interesting points about finding your “calling” in life. I can’t remember it fully and I’m going to butcher it but I’ll try to put it in my words. Basically, passion is overrated if you are not good at it. You won’t be happy. Find something you are legitimately good at. Something where your skills and talent are maximized. That’s when you will be satisfied. Just because you have a passion for something doesn’t mean you are good at it and it doesn’t mean you will be successful. Obviously, you have to like what you are doing. But when you are good and skilled at your job, you will enjoy it and others will enjoy it.

How about you just go and listen.


Blessings Playlist for me this morning

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