Fab Friday 37

Behold the Tackoma PRO36.

Above is a rendering of a 36in track with shelf and hook. Display documents or art, hang up items like headphones or keys, or shelve your phone or notebook for the next few hours.

This won’t make you creative. Sorry, you have to provide that part. But this tool gives you excellent visibility of your project. Storyboard your book or line up your drawings.

Minimalistic, yet highly functional.

Just a glimpse. That’s all I have for you at the moment.

The Going Ons

Still waiting patiently for the extrusion tooling. Once the samples come in, it’s going to be an exciting day. The task at hand is the marketing plan and marketing content. How are we going to roll this out? What will be our product offering? How can we show everything without saying anything? Who do we market to first? We need a website. We need an email list. We need to get the word out. Then we Kickstart.


  • Website Design


Check out Abstract on Netflix. The story each designer tells is inspiring. Don’t miss this.

The Adjacent Possible at Bolt.io. Get out there and mingle!


New Acceptance album. Take me back to high school!

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