Maintain Monday 11

End/beginning of the month is a good time to maintain. Plus it’s Monday, the beginning of the week, which is doubly good. Get the chores out of the way so they don’t distract you from creative endeavors.

More so today, I need to work on my calendar and set some dates. We are meeting with the manufacturer Tuesday with March 1st as our target date for launching the first product. Between now and March 1st needs to figured out!

And the quote above is something I really need to keep in mind. What problems need to be solved over the next month to make sure the launch goes smoothly? And, just as important, what are the “problems” that I’ve created that I’m wasting time on? These so called “problems” need to be identified otherwise they will take away precious time. I think it is very true, at least for me, that if I don’t have any problems to solve, I will create my own. Solving problems is very fulfilling so I am prone to creating or making up problems just so that I can “solve” them. Instead, I really need to make sure I’m solving the true problems and not made up ones.


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