Updated October 5th, 2016

(Original Blog Post)

Calibration is all about preparing for the week. What are you going to Create?

Introducing Quick Action Calibration (QAC)

Set aside a 30 minute window to get yourself aligned to your weekly schedule, tasks, and goals. Initially I scheduled it for 9pm on Sunday night. But recently I moved it to Monday afternoon because I wasn’t consistent enough Sunday night to get it done. And while Monday morning worked fine, I found that I much preferred focusing on creativity in morning. Monday afternoon works out perfectly for me. Find the perfect time that fits you.

Here are the steps:


  1. Get in a comfy chair at a desk, but not too comfy
  2. Double check that there is a glass of water at hand. If no water, get a glass of water.
  3. Turn on your computer
  4. Play some soft music. Maybe instrumental type stuff.
  5. Hit “Instant Lockdown” on your Wastenotime app (make sure Google Calendar and Keep is on the “allow” list) to prevent distractions. Or use StayFocusd which I currently use.
  6. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and clear your head! Your future depends on it.

Calibration Mode

  1. Update you Google Calendar
    1. Review next week’s schedule on your Calendar very intently. Confirm every appointment is necessary.
    2. Make sure you schedule things that have to get done this week even if they are minor (i.e. make phone call to “X”)
    3. Shift tasks to make sure time is available for work that really matters. The work that, if you put it in now, will multiple down the road.
  2. Update your Google Keep by making a list of:
    1. “Critical” items
      1. Things that have to get done this week.
      2. Keep this list as short as possible because these are the items that have to get done. At the end of the week, there should be no excuses as to why these didn’t get done. They have to be completed.
    2. “Things to Create”
      1. List items that you want to Create this week.
    3. “Things to Maintain”
      1. What items need to be Maintained so that you can keep Creating?
    4. “Things to Consume”
      1. What one article do you want to read this week?
      2. How many chapters of that book do you want to read?
    5. “Contacts”
      1. What can you do for somebody else this week? How can you help somebody else achieve their goals? Put down at least one thing. (Don’t pass on this. This is huge for calibration)
      2. Who is currently doing something for you? How can you help/encourage them to get it done for you?

And there you go. You are calibrated for the week.